Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a Small Town After All

Apparently, 'tis my personal season of random minor tangential associations with high profile New Orleans murder cases. Last night, as we were eating Vietnamese on the West Bank, celebrating June's first day of kindergarten, I glanced up at the TV in the corner and was startled to see our next door neighbor on the Channel 4 news being interviewed in front of the Orleans criminal court house (where I have spent my share of time in recent weeks). The bar at the bottom of the screen read "Defendant's Father", and he was disputing (as the closed captioning revealed) the testimony of some witness. As we continued to watch, we suddenly realized that the defendant in question was none other than Michael Anderson, currently on trial for the infamous 2006 quintuple murders, the same murders that turned national attention to our soaring post-Katrina violence and returned the National Guard to our streets.

To be that father. Lord.

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