Sunday, August 30, 2009

K + 4

We have arrived once again at what has become an annual milestone here on the Gulf Coast—The Storm hit four years ago yesterday. Four years is long enough that the anniversary doesn't have the chest-tightening potency it once did, but thoughts of what happened then and what has happened since do tend to percolate. I spent the day, rather appropriately, building something (a fence*). We spent the evening, very appropriately, eating (gumbo) and drinking (Dark and Stormies**) with friends. (It's not exactly the kind of anniversary one celebrates. And yet, we don't particularly want to mope around either. I think we got it about right.)

Fence-building has left me tired and far too stupid to say anything more insightful—no pensive ruminations about the four-years-out state for our city. Maybe tomorrow...

* Our house, of course, got the Katrina Makeover, but for whatever, our backyard missed out and has remained, since the storm, in a state of raggedy disheveled disarray. But I'm finally correcting the omission.

** I don't think the choice was intentionally symbolic.

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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Eating gumbo and hanging out with friends seems like an appropriate way to commemorate Katrina's anniversary.