Friday, August 14, 2009


Sometimes, when I'm particularly desperate to entertain and distract our vivacious little June—such as early on a weekend morning when she's a chipper hyper-doodle and I'm still drinking my first sips of cold bedside coffee**—I let her play with my shiny new-ish toy. She's particularly fond of the camera feature and instantly turns into a micro-paparazzo (micra-paparazza?), click-clicking everything and everyone, in all states of candor: family members brushing teeth, the dog in deep slumber, the cat chewing its belly, your truly slurping down the aforementioned cold bedside coffee:

Photograph by June
I know just how Lindsay Lohan feels.***

* Is my Italian completely bogus, or am I close? I'm going for "small female paparazzo".

** I normally drink my cold morning coffee from an honest Fiestaware mug, but on this occasion, I had some coffee left over in my thermos from work the previous day. Good enough for this incorrigible coffee scavenger.

*** Is this reference dated? Apologies. Who is the paparazzi darling of the moment?

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  1. Marco8:13 AM

    I think you are close with paparazzina. Will check for you with an authentic Roman.