Friday, August 14, 2009

Ravishing Radishes

Speaking of my shiny new-ish toy, I finally found a genuinely worthwhile drawing/painting app-a-ma-thingy* and can now whisk up little digi-painted creations any time I choose. I drawred this radish with it:**
Do ya like it? Do ya like it? (I'm not sure why, but so far, I've mainly used it to paint lone fruits or vegetables.)

* The same one that was used to paint this New Yorker cover.

** I should note that this was inspired by a very similar painting of a radish in Maira Kalman's The Principles of Uncertainty.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I love it. Do some more :-)

  2. I haet to nag, but I'm still waiting for my ugly photo of the beautiful.

  3. Anonymous11:59 PM

    does anyone eat those things
    you can have my share slim
    other wise it's a beaute

  4. Anon. 1: Will do.

    Matt: Sorry, yes, I fizzled out on the Blogological/Photographical Adventure, but I'll do my best to fulfill your request. (How is "fizzled" rendered in Snoop-speak? "Fizzizzled"?)

    Matt: I assume you were correcting your previous misspelling and not commenting on my lovely radish.

    Zena: Like!!!

    Anon. 2 (I assume you're a distinct Anonymous from Anon. 1 though I can't really be sure): I hated radishes as a kid (one of the few vegetables I had a particular distaste for), but in my adult life I've grown quite fond of them and, in fact, bought a big bunch just yesterday.

  5. like a lot. You be artistic.