Thursday, August 06, 2009

True Story: Café au Lait

True story (as true as any story passed through two or three generations of Creoles):*

The neighbors were a typical big New Orleans family, eight or so kids spanning a range of ages. The mother was nursing the baby. One of younger walking/talking ones came up and stared at the feeding infant, seeming curious/perplexed. The mother explained, "I'm giving him milk." The young walker/talker paused, pondering, then asked, "Is there coffee in the other one?"

* I was reminded of this story by my dad, when it came up that the girls have started drinking coffee-milk: warm milk, a generous spoon of sugar, and the teeniest-tiniest few drops of coffee.


  1. That is the awesomest thing I have read EVER.

  2. Ha!
    Good ole coffee-milk. That brings back a lot of memories. I guess it's time I started letting mine have some. I know the 8 yr old would be up for it.