Monday, August 10, 2009

Turn! Turn! Turn!*

So summer turns to fall (the-stuff-of-daily-life-wise; we probably still have a good month-and-change of summer, weather-wise**). The girls finished camp. I finished my giant summer book and my figure drawing class (both of which I greatly enjoyed and now greatly miss). The gals whisked off to a packed-with-fun last hurrah in Virginia. Sarah and I whisked off to a packed-with-barbecue,-Mexican-food,-and-margaritas last hurrah in Austin. Now we're back. And the girls just arrived tonight, flown down by my parents. (Yee-haw! Lord, I missed those critters, even if it is undeniably nice to have the chance to miss them.) And then they're back to school. Well, Louise is back to school. June is starting school. Kindergarten—mein Gott! Well, actually kindergarten starts next week, a week after everyone else, presumably to make life for more head-scratchingly fun for working parents who have to figure out what the frak to do with the little near-K-ers in that intervening camp-less week.

And then we we rend. And then we sew. And then we plant. And then we pluck up that which is planted. And then we cast away stones. And then we gather stones together. And then we... turn to the left, and turn to the right. Turn it again. Once, twice, thrice!

* I'm surprised by the exclamation points. I don't remember when I last saw its name written, but it never struck me as an exclamation point kind of song. Makes it sound more like a sixties R&B dance craze number: "Turn to the left, and turn to the right. / Turn it again. Once, twice, thrice! / Do the turn! turn! turrrrn...!" (Hmm, close, although I have a hard time imagining any sixties R&B song using "thrice".)

** Though at least it's the get-hot-in-the-morning,-rain-in-the-afternoon summer weather pattern, not the
get-hot-in-the-morning,-get-hot-as-hell-in-the-afternoon pattern from earlier in the season.

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