Monday, October 26, 2009


Recently, on something-close-to-a-whim,* Sarah and I switched designated sides of the bed. And I don't mean like just for a few minutes or just for an evening. I mean like permanently. Like I used to be on the near side and she used to be on the far side, but now it's vice versa, and like we took all the stuff from my nightstand and put it in her nightstand and took all the stuff from her nightstand and put it in my nightstand, and it's a done deal.

How often does this happen? How often do couples switch sides, not because of some external circumstance—moving to a new house where the room is arranged differently, or now there's a baby and mama's got to be near the crib, or what have you—but just plain old because because? I suspect, if anyone actually bothered to collect the data (which I don't know why they would, but...), the answer would be: not very often.** Sounds like there's a thesis in Spouse-ological Studies waiting to be written.

* Full disclosure: I initiated the switch. As the aesthetic dogmatist in our house, I tend to have way more opinions than Sarah about what and who should go where and why, and I've always quietly coveted her side: it's close to the balcony, better light, further from the closet and the armoire (both of which give off a subtly unpleasant crammed vibe), further from the door, more in the room. And then I learned that, though Sarah really doesn't particularly care, she found my side slightly preferable: closer to the door, closer to the closet and armoire, further from draft that blows under the balcony door in chilly weather. And so, well then, hey! It's a beautiful thing.

** Though maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are couples out there who regularly swap sides as the mood suits them. Maybe there are couples who don't even have designated sides (though I find this hard to imagine). I dunno. You tell me.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Every time I end up on my husband's side of the bed, or on the right vs. the left side of any bed, it feels like having a shoe on the wrong foot. Certain routines of marriage are very hard to break out of.

  2. My husband's side of the bed is the side where the dogs go to bark at 6am on the weekends for their breakfast. No way in hades I'm switching that arrangement!

  3. pookie9:23 PM

    Recently my husband amd I switched sides because he had a sore shoulder. The reason for the switch did not make sense to me but it was something about he was sure he could sleep better on the other side. So trying to be sympathetic I agreed. We soon discovered we were both quite uncomfortable and switched back!!

  4. My wife and I never swap sides, primarily because our side-likes are completely opposite; she likes the lean, I like the fat. It works out well.

    But sir, in your case - should not love for your good lady wife force you to insist she take the better side?

  5. Well, we each were quietly sleeping on what we privately considered to be the worse side, then discovered a more mutually agreeable arrangement existed, and made the necessary correction.