Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the Goat Walk*

Today I saw a well dressed and by all appearances sane man walking a goat on a leash down Esplanade Ave.:

The man was carrying some hay and what I took to be an industrial strength poop bag. The goat didn't seem particularly inclined to cooperate, clearly preferring to dawdle and munch grass, and the man had to give it a rather stern nudge with his knee to get it moving again. It takes all sorts.

* Complicated self-reference.

Note: I believe this fulfills my long neglected obligation to provide a photograph of a "colorful freak".


  1. Marco7:50 PM

    At leash it's not goat boy!

  2. Since June wants a goat maybe this man can help you find one and she won't have to wait until we get one on the farm. And you could tether it in the back yard and it will nicely mow your grass there!