Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Pads on Ice Cream"

I was playing with some musicians the other night, not earnest amateurs like myself, cobbling together scant scraps of knowledge into some elemental semblance of a musical construct, but genuine semi-professional and professional hepcat gigging musicians, the kind who travel places to play in front of large groups of people and quite convincingly fake it on songs they've never rehearsed before and casually talk about the octave on top of the dominant five and whatnot. The keyboard player wanted to know how his part went, and the saxophone player told him to just play "pads on ice cream".

I had to ask, "Did you just say 'pads on ice cream'?" Indeed he did:
pads = big fat chords played on the 1 beat and sustained for the duration of the measure (or something like that)

ice cream = that classic doo-wop 1, 6, 4, 5 chord progression ("At least that's what we called it on the East Coast," he explained)
Whodathunk? I want to say stuff like that, "Just lay down some pads on ice cream, daddy-o". Maybe I'll just make up my own slang: "Gimme some couplets on gravy." "Throw down some backbeats on butter." "Try it with some quarter notes on quinoa." They'll be like, man that guy is far out, he must really know his stuff.