Monday, November 09, 2009


Hurricane warnings and school closures—huh. We're plenty to used to hurricanes or the threat of them disrupting the flow of daily life around here, but that's usually a summer/early fall kind of thing. Sure, Ida's been steadily marching across the Gulf for a couple of days now, giving us ample warning; sure, there are technically three weeks left in hurricane season; but seriously?*

But at present, Ida's looking like a scattered wayward sort of affair, so we'll sit back, hope/plan for the best, enjoy the lagniappe stay-home day, and have ourselves a little hurricane feast (which Sarah started contemplating the moment we got the news this morning, and which she had fully planned out by 7:45 a.m.). Mmm, hurricane feast...

* Plus, we've all been so busy ironing our Saints jerseys and pondering what mysterious reallignment of the universe's energies could have graced us with an 8-0 season start, who's had time to think about anything else?


  1. Hurricane Ida would be god fodder for SNL's Really?! with Seth and Amy

  2. god fodder? any relation to The Godfather? I meant good

  3. Intriguing...what does a hurricane feast include? Sauerkraut?

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for checking out my cakes and for the nice compliment! I have a regular blog too-come visit some time!