Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I was at the grocery store yesterday, and a bearded, ponytailed, middle-aged man in a fedora and vest stopped an employee to ask, "Is there such a thing as sauerkraut?" I wanted to interrupt and say two things:
  1. Yes! Yes there is! And it's the most wonderful food in the world!
  2. You've clearly spent a good six decades or so living on this planet; I judge from your accent that you are a native English speaker;* and though your beard-ponytail-fedora-vest combo might be judged mildly eccentric, you don't appear obviously demented and show no signs of having just emerged form a half-century-long coma: How can you not know what sauerkraut is or if it even exists? What sauerkraut-less rock did you just crawl out from under?!**
But maybe that's just my sauerkraut-centric prejudices talking, and there are wide swaths of the populace that don't know the glories of "rotten cabbage". Poor dears, what other sublimely salted and soured members of the vegetable kingdom are they ignorant of? ("Excuse me, is there such a thing as a pickle?") Bless their hearts.

* Not that "sauerkraut" is English, but you know what I mean.

** His sartorial choices had a sort of Euro-Gypsy vibe and gave the impression that, if anything, he should be more sauerkraut-savvy than the average consumer.


  1. But I thought the classic English stereotype of Germans was that they nibbled sauerkraut and wore lederhosen. Had someone neglected to teach him the basic stereotypes?

  2. Has he NEVER had a reuben? Yikes!

    I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't known sauerkraut my whole life.

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Interestingly on the day you posted this, The Wasnington Post,in the food section, had an article on the joys of sauerkraut including recipes for Gertie's sauerkraut with apples and chocolate sauerkraut cake!

  4. The previous post is mine. The typing fairy entered anonymous, I guess.

  5. Now that I am a meat eater I am sure that eating sauerkraut will be bring me a new level of joy.
    Because surely it must become lonely with out sausage?

  6. Yes, it is at its best in the company of a robust meat product, but personally, I'm also quite happy just eating it with a fork directly out of the jar.

  7. craic-head3:35 PM

    My 2 cents: the best sauerkraut EVER.


  8. I've never met a sauerkraut I didn't like, but I'll have to track down some Bubbies.

  9. Anonymous8:25 AM

    The Parkway Bakery here in New Orleans is the Mecca of po-boy lovers. Of the 50 or so sandwiches on the menu only two are not po-boys' -- grilled cheese and reubens. I had a reuben there yesterday. Lovely :-)

  10. Weird... I went to Parkway for the first time in my life yesterday and I had the Reuben. And it was lovely. Weird...

  11. He may have been from California. I didn't discover sauerkraut until I visited Pennsylvania at the age of ten.

    My husband was, for several years, a vegetarian- except when he ate reubens. An ovo-reueben-lacto-vegetarian.

  12. Ah the Reuben! I think I know what's going on my menu this week. Vegetarian version, of course, with marinated portabella meat instead of pastrami.

  13. Anonymous4:19 AM

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