Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another round: Name/deal?


  1. I have a hunch that this guy is a musician too (a sort of post-rave Bob Dylan?), in which case, I seem to be in a drawing-musicians-with-voluminous-coiffes mood.

  2. I think his first name is Nick and his last name is one of those ethnicly ambiguous names that could be Italian or Hispanic, but he's not telling. He's in at least 3 indie bands, playing a different instrument in each. He has at least 2 side projects and has an interest in electronic sound manipulation.
    He's also a visual artist who specializes in found art and tagging.
    His girlfriend keeps bees and spins her own wool. She is his calm.

  3. Yes, Nick Grandy, I think. He wrote the lyric

    Like a toaster that’s broke
    Or a pipe that you toke
    The main ingredient
    Is burn

    I've never met his girlfriend, but she sounds nice.

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    His glasses are all wrong. He just needs the cool heavy black frames that today's cool cats wear and all would be well!!

  5. Yeah, but he is who he is, wrong glasses and all. So then the question becomes why is he wearing the wrong glasses? Why is weird post-rave bug-eyes instead of standard scruffy boheme fare?

  6. Also too weird to pass up. Later when I'm straighter.

  7. Marco8:22 PM

    Mo Later is a baritone sax player whose main influences are Pepper Adams, Nick Brignola and Gerry Mulligan. He balkanized their strains into a groove that was a mixture of Balkan & North African grooves. He played at Montreaux to an empty house. After that he went on a world tour followed by three more. He then was sucked into to the undertow of Martiniquan beguine and other indigenous sounds. He now takes up residence in Diamante in Martinique where he has a regular gig that involves the rhum liqueur shrubb in varying amounts. He is also digging the Rasta sounds on the island that he encorporates into his unique melange soundscape. He married a woman from the island. They have a pet monkey named Sphere.