Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancin' the Deluge Away: Louise, June, and I went to the Father-Daughter Dance at their school on Saturday afternoon. It started with a gray skies and off-and-on rain, fancy dresses, tightly tied ties, almost-forgotten tickets and umbrellas, a dash into the cafeteria-turned-dance-hall, cookies and fruit punch, the Cupid Shuffle, posed pictures (as you can see), goofy girl group dancing, more Cupid Shuffle (really, they played it twice), more cookies and fruit punch. It ended with unremitting apocalyptic downpours, a mad dash in dress shoes and and stockings through shin-deep waters to my car shortly before it was swamped by a puddle-turned-lake, soaked suits and drenched dresses, labyrinthine white-knuckled navigations around and through pervasive profound block-by-block street flooding, and an eventual highly gratifying arrival home (with a hot bath for the chilled daughters and a generous bourbon for the frazzled father).


  1. O la la! Two belles with their beau papa!

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Beautiful, handsome, beautiful!!

  3. Glad the rain is over for you all, And I just have to say this pic is ridiculously sweet! Well done!