Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Namely N'Awlins, Dawlin'

I propose a bit of socio-regional inquiry: I'd like to determine what is the most quintessentially New Orleans name. And let's use a loose Battle Royale methodology: start with a New Orleans-y name, see if we can find a more New Orleans-y name, repeat until we arrive at our answer (or get bored).* I'll kick it off with:
Hokie Gajan ("Guy-john", sort of, except with a Frenchier "j")**
the color commentator*** for the WWL Saints radio broadcast. Okay, what's next? Give me a New Orleans-y-er name than Hokie's.

For the moment, let's stick with actual names of actual people and see how it goes.

** One might object that, as stated in his Wiki-bio, Hokie's from around Baton Rouge, but it doesn't matter. New Orleans names and South Louisiana names flow into and out of each other.

*** "Color commentator"—that's new-ish lingo for me. (You know this Saints-fever is infectious if I'm making fine-grained distinctions between the roles of sports radio broadcasters.)


  1. Hokie was born in Baker and went to high school there.

  2. Francine7:45 PM

    In honor of our late departed central city studio neighbor, I nominate Illinois Central Stevenson. That was his real name - on the street he was "Old Man" Stevenson. So, I guess the obit would read: Illinois Central "Old Man" Stevenson.

  3. Hokie must have connections to Va Tech. They are the Hokies!