Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buddy & Bobby's Brawds: How to explain it? Long version: Back in the dark ages, when a Saints trip to the Super Bowl seemed like the wildest madness (really, it still does, but...), the patron saint of Saints fandom, Buddy Diliberto, or Buddy D as he was and is known, swore that if the Saints ever actually made it to the big game, he would walk down Bourbon Street in a dress. He died in 2005 and never had his chance, but Bobby Hebert (the "Cajun Cannon"), former Saints quarterback and Buddy's successor as king of Who Dat nation, decided to do it for him. And he invited any guys who were so inclined to join him. Which turned out to be a lot of guys. Short version: Today, thousands upon thousands of die-hard male Saints fans donned their drag-finest and sashayed from the Super Dome to the French Quarter in a massive barely-planned outpouring of Who Dat fever like the city has never seen. Crazy, man, crazy. (Hilarious, man, hilarious.)


  1. teresa1:25 PM

    Where is a picture of you, Slimbolala? Cleary, you were at the parade.

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Great! Only in New orleans!!

  3. Thanks for posting about this (and sending an update through FB) This is awesome and I'm so glad you explained the back story. The 610 Stompers are pretty awesome too. I love the outfit.
    missing NO...

  4. Deb: Happy to share the wealth.

    Teresa: I merely observed with the girls, wearing our black and gold finest.

    Note: The estimates claim that, including both paraders and onlookers, there was something like 85,000 people there. Pretty good for something haphazardly spawned by an offhand remark.