Monday, January 04, 2010

The Most Important (and Least Predictable) Meal of the Day

Over the holiday break, unprompted, June started bringing us breakfast in bed. It was so sweet* and so funny that we easily overlooked the sometimes eccentric contents of the meals. Particular breakfasts included:
  • A single strawberry on a plate, to be dipped in a small accompanying bowl of chocolate syrup.
  • A slice of bread with peanut butter (normal enough, except her little five-year-old hands haven't yet mastered the art of spreading peanut butter, which clumped unpredictably across the surface of the bread.)
  • Four rice crackers arranged symmetrically on a plate and drenched in a generous puddle of honey, accompanied by a large bowl of cheese puffs.
Often odd, sometimes better than you'd think (the rice cracker/honey combo actually kind of worked), always hilarious.

* Though
there were sometimes ulterior motives. Early one morning, as we blinked and rubbed our eyes, she pounced into bed and eagerly asked if she could have some of the gingerbread house. We told her, not until after breakfast, and were surprised when she pranced away without an argument. (She's an arguer, that one.) A few minutes later, she showed up again withsurprise, surprise—breakfast. (I think that was the bread-and-peanut-butter day.)

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