Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Anatomy of a Who Dat*

  1. NFC Champions baseball cap, bought first thing Monday morning after standing in line since dawn (while still moderately drunk).
  2. Ears ringing from the deafening crowd noise in the Super Dome.
  3. Tracks of tears from crying like a baby when Hartley's kick split the uprights.
  4. "Breesus" jersey.
  5. Large, heart-stopping food item: If there was a Super Bowl of Hard-Eating Football Fans, Who Dats would win every year.
  6. Large belly: All those large, heart-stopping food items have got to go somewhere. (Good thing that Breesus jersey has plenty of extra room.)
  7. Heavy-duty sneaks: It takes some serious shoes to support that Who Dat for three solid hours of standing and screaming.
  8. "Lucky" pair of underwear worn every game since Tom Dempsey's 1970 record-setting field goal.
  9. Big beer: If there was a Super Bowl of Hard-Drinking Football Fans, Who Dats would win every year.
  10. Crucifix: A multi-dimensional offense, fearsome defense, and effective special teams are great, but nothing beats having the Big Man on your side—the Hand of God swatting aside opponents' field goals, befuddling their players, favorably flipping coin tosses, etc.
  11. Kernel of doubt and disbelief: "I can't believe it. It can't be. After forty-two years? Nuh-uh. I'm dreaming..."
  12. Look of stunned joy: "The Saints... are going... to the Super Bowl."
* Sue dat.


  1. Perfect! There were a couple of good articles in the Wash Post yesterday about the "Who Dat Nation" James Carvile says he has not been able to say Saints and Super Bowl in the same sentence yet but hopes to by Sunday. He, also, said there is room in the "Who Dat Nation" church for everyone, maybe not in the front pew but somewhere!

  2. mseferris6:35 PM

    #8--yep, I wear my lucky undies for every game! not since Dempsey, but lucky nonetheless....