Thursday, February 25, 2010


You know what I like? I like:
  1. demographics
  2. maps
  3. riding bicycles
  4. New Orleans
  5. Richard Campanella
  6. the word "centroid"**
Which is why I find this article (about a bicycle tour of the migrations of New Orleans' population centroid from the city's inception to the present day, guided by Mr. Campanella himself) deliciously geekish and lovely.

* I wanted some clever pun for the title, but everything I came up with—
"Staying Centroid", "The Centroid Less Traveled", etc.—just seemed hopelessly lame (or entirely nonsensical). So there you have it. "Centroid". That's the post-title. (Well, actually, "Centroid*". Ooh, meta!) Love it or leave it.

** Loosely/metaphorically speaking, the center of balance or gravity (though you can go here if you really want the full geek-o-logical breakdown).


  1. Kool, I like it. What happens when the centroid does not hold?

  2. [link][/link]

    Go Geography!