Monday, February 08, 2010

Dat Victory

Words can't describe it, so I won't even try.* But a few points of note:
  • The good will from people all around the country leading up to the game was wonderful.
  • The absurdly skewed coverage by many in the national sports media, treating a Colts victory as a fait accompli before the game was even played, was extremely tiresome. They're surprised. We're not.
  • The menu: a whole deep fried turkey, pork roast, gumbo z'herbes, potato skins, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, assorted chips and dip, king cake, whiskey sours, Ramos gin fizzes, etc., etc.
  • The game was amazing:

Sweet victory
  • Afterward, everyone poured out of their houses and the fun began:

Our normally quiet street turned into a raucous dance party. (I'm proud to say that my little car provided the big music for that mighty moment.) Note the emerging conga line.

The festivities brought traffic to a halt, but the traffic didn't seem to mind.
  • Downtown was like nothing I've ever seen before and perhaps like nothing I'll ever see again.

More dancing in the street
  • The reality finally hit me at 3:57 a.m. when I was alone in my kitchen and the radio was playing highlights and whew!
  • A beautiful (gleefully sunny) Monday:

If the girls look tired, it's because they were (not as tired as the grown-ups, but it was a rough morning all around).
  • We got the girls to school late,** and as I waited to sign them (yes, there was a line), who else should be there but our new mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu, having just delivered his own kid. (Oh, did I mention that in the midst of all of this madness we also had a super-important mayoral election?)
  • And honestly, this thing is just getting started. The two weeks of excruciating nervous tension are over, and a commensurate release of joy is just getting underway, to continue straight on through to Fat Tuesday. (We're going to really need Lent when it finally rolls around.)

* Words can't describe it, but the New York Times gave it their best shot and got pretty close (though presumably, they maintained their journalistic decorum last night and consequently aren't nursing epic hangovers like certain other less neutral observers).

** It was impressive that we got them there at all. Plenty of schools closed for the day. And Sarah and I, like many of our fellow citizens, claimed the day as an unofficial holiday.

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  1. Again beautifully said, Slimbo, but you know the fact that most of the media wrote off the Saints made the victory even more sweet. And, Tom, who studies games and knows football kept saying they are wrong, the Saints are the better team and can win. And so they did. Glorious--wish we could have been there!