Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dance, Slimbo, Dance!

Usually, I run this blog as a benevolent (or so say I) dictatorship, writing and ruminating on the whims of my choosing. But today, I hand the reigns of this bloggy-chariot over to you. Here's the game/deal:
You name a subject, and (within the bounds of propriety and prudence) I will post about it. The results may be worthwhile. They may be worthless. But I will say what I have say.*
Dance, Slimbo, dance!

* Unless, I'm too busy, lazy, or stumped. Dictator's prerogative.


  1. Please tell us about your muses. If it amuses you.

  2. Marco7:41 AM

    What's Joe's story?

  3. The first 5 houses you remember living in..... and 1 weird/wacky neighbor.

  4. pookie12:27 PM

    How you became Slimbo!

  5. A funny story from long ago, and a silly quasi-philosophical question, please.