Monday, March 01, 2010

Photos from the Crypt

Until recently, our domestic computing was in a sorry state. We'd been hobbling along on half-decade old Macs, noble machines but far past their prime, encumbered by age and the ever-growing demands of modern bit-spinning. This made all sorts of routine tasks irksomely slow, but in particular, it made navigating through my old photos almost impossible. Each time I'd try to launch the ol' photo software, the computer would gasp, shake its fist at me, and launch into a tirade: "Back in my day, we measured file sizes in kilo-bytes, not mega-bytes! You kids today with your massive data archives and your streaming video and your..." But at last, we've packed the old geezers away and upgraded to a shiny new computational unit that can actually do the sorts of resource-intensive things that contemporary computational units are supposed to do, like say, browse through a whole bunch of old photos.*

All of which is a long way of saying that I once again have meaningful access to my past ten years of photographs—an absurdly huge trove, some small percentage of which I'm rather proud of and a large percentage of which is totally random and pointless**—and I'm in the mood to share. So let's kick off a new series of lost images from yesteryear: Photos from the Crypt. Stay tuned! (Ooh, I'm excited!)***

* And even more fun, my shiny new photo-management freeware now possesses modest facial recognition capability (!!), and with a bit of nudging and cajoling, it does a half-decent job of figuring out who is in the photos and groups them accordingly, so when I'm bored, I sit there telling it, "Yes, you guessed that person right. No, that's not that person. That's that other person. Yes. Yes. No. Yes..." in a sort of meditative name-that-face zone-out (that for somehow feels a lot like playing Tetris).

** My photo-methodology could be roughly summed up as, "Shoot now. Ask questions later." These days, I do strive to be more selective in my clicking, but as for the collateral photo-damage already incurred, oh well. (In this era of ever-cheapening data storage, it's really not worth trying to get rid of the chaff. Don't delete data. Mine it. Besides, you never know when you'll find out after the fact that a murder occurred nearby while you were innocently snapping pics, and you'll go back and examine them and notice something curious in the corner of one, and you'll super-enlarge it and apply fancy enhancement algorithms and discover that the identity of the killer is...!)

*** Note: It's perfectly possible that I'll inadvertenly re-post some photo that originally showed up here back in the Slimbo-Paleocene era. I'm spacy like that. Sue me.

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