Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dance, Slimbo, Dance! Joe the Skeleton's Big, Very Exciting New Day

Marco asks, "What's Joe's story?":

Ah, yes, dear old Joe the Skeleton. He once had a big, very exciting day in which he ate a bagel and jumped over some snakes and went insane and got therapy and did a whole bunch of other cool stuff (and let's not forget the time he played in a banjo/accordion/drum buddy duo). But that was a while ago. What's he been up to lately?

But Marco, you know perfectly well, I can't tell you what Joe's story is. You, the readers, must tell me. So it's a brand new day and time for a whole new action-packed plot line. (Joe's days are even busier than Kiefer Sutherland's.) What happens to Joe in his big, very exciting new day?


  1. Marco7:55 AM

    Oh, I did't expect this, but I should have, knowing the wiley wirey Slimbo. Just when I thought the story would be told to us, it has been thrown back onto the reader's imagination like a treacherous mirror that changes images with each passing minute of this finite life.

  2. Joe is adorable. Joe needs to do something adorable, like hug a puppy or gambol about with kittens.

  3. Marco7:52 AM

    Joe is working on his story.