Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Win Friends and Influence 5th Graders

Draw a bad-ass of SpongeBob SquarePants followed by a rocking rendition of Tweety Bird.* I'm proud to say that, among the pre-teen crowd, my skills have officially been rated "cold!" (I wasn't quite up to speed on "cold" as a synonym for "really good".** Were you?) I've got an Elmo requisitioned for next week.

* Normally, with all of the busy-busy math-math, there's not much time in class for doodle-offs, but this week was LEAP/iLEAP, the Louisiana implementation of the No Child Left Behind standardized tests, which is itself a drag but allows for some good quiet-fun time each day once the tests are over.

** Another newish-to-me slang-sling: "Gucci" as an adjective, also a synonym for "really good". E.g. "We're Gucci, baby."

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  1. Gucci huh? I think if I used that around my students they wouldn't even know what a Gucci is. Can you draw Gonzo? He's my favorite.