Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Joe Gambols and Hugs

So Joe's kicking off a big, very exciting new day, and what better way is there to a start a new day than with a big frolicking dose of cute (well, that or a bagel and coffee), and what's cuter than kittens and puppies? Gambol, Joe, gambol! Hug, Joe, hug!


  1. Marco8:13 AM

    Joe has some draft notes on his genesis...but before Joe gambols, he has to dig two holes in the ground, into which he will put hollow arrow heads anchored w/quickcrete, into which he will put two poles, onto which he will hang two swinging gates so that Aldo will not escape (although he's not escapist by nature) and things will then look prettier & less bulky than the previously hung chain link gate

  2. Marco3:16 PM

    This is but one of the myriad stories of Joe's genesis.
    There are untold versions of the mysterious Joe's story.
    As many, some say, as there are stars in the universe.

    At the tender age of three, Joe's grandmother died. At her wake Joe was with
    his parents in the receiving line. Joe was a little figgedity since
    he did not know quite what to do, never having been in one before.
    All of a sudden, Joe's grandmother's corpse sat straight up in the
    casket. Her teeth fell out and rolled along the floor in front of the
    family and came to rest at Joe's feet! It was the darnedest thing.
    His grandmother then returned to her prone position. That is how
    Joe learned of the Lazurus effect later in life. At the time Joe
    thought his grandmother was trying to scare everyone to death
    by pulling a weird prank. Joe was not a little traumatized by
    this inexplicable physical phenomenon.

    Thus it was at the tender age of 3 that Joe
    determined that he wanted to become a mortician. That didn't happen.
    What did happen is that Joe became thinner and thinner. This occurred
    in almost infintesimal amounts over many years. No doctor
    could diagnose Joe's malady. He ate more and drank more and yet he
    gradually lost all of his flesh. Much later in life,
    he finally gave up eating altogether. He always enjoyed a well
    crafted cocktail or a bottle of earthy red wine with loads of terroir.
    So he continued to drink. He had no liver to damage.
    At one point in his life Joe became an academic-ascetic-wanderer.
    He studied alchemy, economic featherbedding, acoustics, Sufi parables,
    Grand Unified Theory, parrots, monkeys, pralines and a host
    of other fascinating topics. The one topic that Joe kept near to his
    skeleton was the study of spirituality and the myth of eternal
    rebirth. He pondered over the ancient texts and even went to
    the library of Alexandria to read the original manuscripts.
    The eternal question would always remain one for Joe. What happens
    when one shakes off the mortal coil? Maybe, Joe thought, one dances
    the eternal dance to the music of the spheres. But there was no way
    for him to know for sure.