Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tonight is the long awaited debut of "Treme", David Simon & co.'s new series about post-Katrina New Orleans, and by hook or by crook, we'll be watching it. (Our household is cable/HBO-deficient, but if we can rebuild a city, goddammit, we can...) We've all collectively been holding our breaths for many months now,* wishing hard: I hope it doesn't suck. I hope it doesn't suck. I hope it doesn't suck. I hope it doesn't suck... But how can it suck? you say; it's made by the creators of "The Wire", the best-est ever-est show ever. Yes, but don't underestimate the allure of New Orleans myth-making and its ability to seduce normally competent individuals into spinning cheesy yarns rife with terrible accents and voodoo and a bunch of gumbo-ya-ya foolishness. For decade after decade, the entertainment industry has rolled out a (nearly) unbroken stream of absurd travesties that tell almost nothing of actual life here. If somebody got it even half right, that would really be something. So I repeat: I hope it doesn't suck. I hope it doesn't suck.... And I am truly hopeful. If anybody's going to get it right, I suspect it's these guys.

On a separate (but equally important) point: What's our "Treme" drinking game going to be?

* And we've all been having our fun for the past months: wrangling third- and fifth-hand scraps of information about the production; catching glimpses of the filming; swapping notes about which friends/acquaintances/folks-about-town are in it or who's been recruited as writers and consultants; enumerating our hopes, judgments, and fears.

** If we can manage a Super Bowl win, a new—hopefully competent
mayor, and a decent show about New Orleans? Dang! That would be a hell of a trifecta for our city.

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