Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poems About Coffee

Let's have a virtual poetry swap (no, not a "slam"), and let's have a unifying subject. Let's have that subject be coffee (the best of all possible subjects). Here's mine, "Broad Avenue" (I wrote it this morning):
The many lanes of
Broad Avenue,
In which cars twist
Like braids,
Are a pleasant place to be
When I drink my morning
Your turn.


  1. Grandma brewed it in a percolator
    I wouldn’t love the taste of it until much later
    I just wanted to be like Poppy
    Sitting at the breakfast table
    Drinking our coffee

  2. A hole in my Self that nought can fill
    A Soul apart from which I can but nil
    Thou Noble Drink! Without thy Draught
    I am clumsy,inept, numb and daft.

  3. Excellent! Excellent!

  4. I sleep in the disheveled St.Vincent's Hostel.
    Every morning, I shamble across Magazine Street to Mojo for a coffee and the Times-Picayune...

    I finish reading my paper.
    I never finish drinking my coffee.
    Large, medium, small...

    I carry my half cup of java around the neighborhood, passing through Coliseum Park.
    I use the same overstuffed trash can every morning.
    Before tucking my spent cup in the trash can's full mouth,
    I dump half a cup of coffee onto the grass first...

    I read the newspaper on Magazine Street.
    I water the grass in Coliseum Park with coffee.

    New Orleans,
    I love your landscape and Mojo.

  5. tape loops spun
    so hello green tea
    thoughts are clearer it's true
    but on sunday afternoons
    when curled up in my nest
    you simply will not do

  6. Anonymous3:17 PM

    oh, how i love my grande skinny soy toffee coffee