Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post-Post-Diluvian Follies

Whoop, there it was. Our Follies are finally finished. Misery? Plenty. Funny? I like to think so.

Of course, the story didn't end there. We spent several more weeks in our Texan exile, returning to New Orleans in early November. The house had been gutted in our absence, the consequence of an incredibly complicated series of phone calls and remote orchestrations with contractors and demolition crews. (Sarah and the girls never actually saw it in its moldy state.) We moved into the small back apartment of a friend's unflooded house where we lived for the next-year-and-change as our home was (very slowly) restored. But we did finally come home. And the house looked pretty sprucey. And with the help of our family and the heroic efforts of some ace woodworkers, some of the old antiques were revived. (Some, not all. Solid wood pieces fared better. Anything with veneers bit it.) And the neighborhood slowly came back, as did most of the rest of the city. And then the Saints won the Super Bowl!

And now, well now I guess I get to write a new series about the hilarity that ensues when an oil rig blows up and gushes oil into the Gulf for weeks/months/etc. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha....heh... ugh.*

Onward and upward

* See, this get's to the root of our misery/time/humor conundrum. Nearly puking into one's respirator: frakkin' awful at the time but comedy gold later (or at least I think so). Gushing oil into the Gulf and ruining an ecosystem: frakkin' awful at the time and really never ever funny.


  1. Thank you for writing and posting these!

  2. Marco7:43 AM

    Thanks too for writing about your epic journey home. You are the better person for having done it. I could have never accomplished what you did. My meta-hat is off to you, although right now I don't have one on.

  3. Thank you for reading them. And Marco, you'd have done just fine. My experience was not the least bit unique but, on the contrary, typical of the homecomings of thousands and thousands of regular people across the region. The truth is, it's amazing the crap a person can put up with when not given a choice.

  4. Ms. Ferris' sister9:09 PM

    since my sister was out of town for ~4+ month's post-Katrina, and didn't have to de/re-construct her living space, we didn't hear these stories from her. thanks for sharing, both the misery and the hilarity.

    love the word verification: slypharg. so similar to slimbolala!

  5. craic-head9:28 PM

    That was quite a series of posts. I hope the writing was cathartic. As well, I hope you and the peeps of N.O. shall never ever experience that horror again. in the hell were you able to recall all of those details?! I am not able to recall details from last week, let alone five years ago. Seriously.

    Were you referring to a journal, or was it just some type of hypermnesic fugue?

  6. A cobbling together of scrawls in notebooks, photographs, and memory. (It seared in the memory pretty strong.) And I actually wrote the whole series a while back. It took time to summon up some of the particulars, but once I got going, they kept percolating up.

  7. pookie8:52 PM

    Thank you. Quite profound really.