Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apparently you won’t find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; you’ll find a pot of Blue Plate mayonnaise. Even better in my opinion. (That's the Blue Plate building and its iconic—if defunct—"BLUE PLATE" neon sign in the distance.) Many of my recent photo-posts have had light itself as their main subject, in particular the curious and appealing things it does early and late in the day as its rays slant sideways and the shadows stretch out. Back in my days of reading art history books, I remember lots of talk of the exceptional light in the south of France and how much it excited generations of artistes. To my eye, our light here has a similarly exceptional quality (hmm, warm southern coastal regions on the northern edges of a large reflective bodies of water, hmm), particularly on luminous mornings and early evenings. And particularly when the cumulonimbui surge up and around and hurl down sheets of rain and then draw away again, and the sun returns, and everything lights up like fire. And then maybe we get a rainbow. Like this one. (This was a particularly rare morning rainbow. They usually come late in the day).