Friday, June 25, 2010

My New Sketch/Notebook

Y’wanna see my new sketch/notebook? Y’wanna? Y’wanna?

“Pretty” flower, huh?

Nice, huh? This guy had one, and I saw it and said to myself, I want it! I want it! (I’m not particularly materialistic in the usual sense—as a kid, I often absent-mindedly accrued big allowance nest-eggs just because there wasn’t much I wanted to buy, and I still do the same today with my self-doled grown-up allowance*—but when I like a thing, I tend to really really like it with almost an fetishistic intensity.1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Qualities that make it lovely:
  • Lovely dimensions: not too big, not too small, perfectly totable. (A fondness for totability runs in the family.)
  • Lots and lots of pages—three-hundred if you’re counting. One doesn’t want to be stingy with the doodle-space.
  • A lovely supple cover.
  • Gridded paper. Ooh, I love gridded paper! Write this way. Turn it sideways. Write that way. Turn it upside down. Write that way. Plus its perfect for making silly tautological charts and graphs. (But, you say, all those crisscrossy lines mess up the pretty drawrings. Exactly. It’s good to have a place for the down-and-dirty doodlings, a place that’s specifically not for fancy final products. I’ve still got my big creamy line-free sketchbook for those.)
Now dontchya want one? Dontchya? Dontchya?

* I was going to call it my “adult allowance”, but that sounded wrong.


  1. Great notebook - now I want one too. And thanks for the link to that guy - he has a great blog.

  2. I prefer grid paper as well. I have oodles of filled grid paper journals.

    I took all my notes at STC in the hard cover blue grid paper notebooks they sold at the book store.