Friday, June 25, 2010

Poetry Friday: Or Not

As mentioned, I'm reading this book, and I've got poetry on the brain (not necessarily good poetry, mind you, but poetry nonetheless). Let's declare this Poetry Friday and share. Here's mine:
A line of poetry is good, if iambs it does make.
A line of poetry is good, if rhymes it shan’t forsake.
If metaphor and simile, it casts about like seeds,
Up shall grow the finest poem, amongst the prosy weeds.
Or not.
(Ooh, a poem about poetry—the serpent eating it's tail, man, the serpent...) Happy Poetry Friday! Your turn.*

* The choice of subject is yours: a poem about poetry, about cyclical serpents, about why you don't like your toes, whatever.


  1. There was a young lady from Keswick,
    Who adored the occasional limerick,
    And while taking a shower,
    At the earliest hour,
    Graced the neighbours with bawdy blue lyrics.

    That was fun! :)

  2. you, slimbolala
    have inspired this haiku
    my poem for friday

  3. Anonymous12:45 AM

    summer solstice
    earth too hot to move
    sun sweating too

  4. I seek as I roam
    A fig and a date
    I write here a poem
    A Friday too late