Friday, June 11, 2010

RSfMS(wC)R: Mobster? Bookie...?

Newspaper man! Remember when "newspaper men" were all over the movies and televesion? when screens, big and little, showed large busy rooms full of cluttered desks and guys in ties and shirtsleeves smoking, typing, and swapping hard-bitten dialogue about this-or-that criminal caper. What happened to that? Oh, yeah—people stopped smoking in offices, stopped wearing ties, and stopped reading newspapers.

So what, if anything, has replaced this old tele-cinematic touchstone? Oh, yeah—depictions of whiny self-absorbed bloggers* getting hot-'n'-bothered about hit-counts. (I'm pretty sure Slimbolala: The Movie is going to get picked up by a major studio any day now.)

When are they going to make the first movie about crime-solving Twitterrers? (I joke, but you'll probably tell me it's already been done.)

* It amuses me that Blogger's spell-checker doesn't know the word "bloggers".

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  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I think he is J. Edgar Hoover's brother.