Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Your Nose Itches

Folk wisdom I learned today:
When your nose itches, that means a fool wants to kiss you.
I'd never heard that one before. Had you? (I like the notion of myth-busters trying to disprove this. How would that work? 1: Hook every fool in the world up to a brain-scanning machine. 2: Wait until the subjects nose itches. 3: ....)


  1. The ones I remember are:
    When your ears are burning, someone is thinking of you-
    When a broom falls, company is coming.

  2. pookie9:49 PM

    I've heard that when your nose itches someone is talking about you!

  3. I know the burning-ears one. And also that when a group conversations falls quiet, that means an angel is passing over. The falling-broom is new to me.

  4. new to me, too, Manna. Where'd ya pick that one up?

    ...and my nose itches all the time. I hope that doesn't say anything about Billy.

  5. Yeah, Manna, what folksy old ladies have you been hanging with? And Nik, Billy's no fool. You must have a secret fool-admirer. (But to find out who it is, you'll have to hook them all up to brain-scanning machines and...)