Monday, July 26, 2010

Beardolala Redux

Round One was fun, but we missed a few. On to Round Two:

The Soul Patch: I went for a maximalist soul patch (y’know, ‘cause I’ve got so much soul), the big kind that extends the full length of the chin.

The Frenchy: “Eh, quelque frwa frwa!”

The Neck Beard: This one seems to persist in popularity amongst certain twenty-something gents. I don’t quite understand why. (Unless you’re Amish. If you’re Amish, go for it.)

The Village Person Biker/East Village Hipster: This mustache can say various things, but whatever it says, it says it loudly.

The Don Johnson: Remember that? That was really the thing for while.

If I'm still missing any, that’s probably just as well, they can stay missed. (Even I can't stand it anymore.) This blog will now revert to its usual clean-cut, close-shaven self.


  1. pookie9:43 PM

    I vote for the hipster mustache!

  2. My husband tends to grow beards in the winter to keep his face warm working outside here in Maine. It's always fun to see the change it creates. He ALWAYS does something to try and freak me out when he shaves it. Last year it was a state trooper in the movie"Super Troopers". It was....interesting :)