Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fresh Pickins'

A new crop of fresh photo pickins':

The ongoing shadow fixation

on-ongoing shadow fixation

The ongoing shopping cart fixation

on-ongoing shopping cart fixation

The ongoing cloud fixation: But really, we do have
amazing clouds this time of year. (Shame these were marred by the grit in my camera.)

Maybe it's the former waiter in me, but I find a just-served meal very pleasing to look at. This one, dished up here, was also very pleasing to eat.

The ongoing domestic light fixation

This sign-in-a-bush makes me laugh; I don't know why.

The ongoing rainbow fixation: I saw this rainbow
fragment (faintly there in the middle), and it was weird—it was near the sun instead of opposite it like usual, and it was only on that one scrap of high-up ice-crystal cloud, and I could barely see it with plain eyes but saw it very clearly through polarized sunglasses—and I got kind of bugged out and wondered what freakish and perhaps evil portent it was, but then this website explained it all, and I felt much better. (Thank you, Mr. Google.)

Sleepy Papa Slimbo supervising cake decoration (Photograph by Sarah)

I decided I like this one better than that other photo I posted: I like the linear red, white, and blue of the flag against the non-linear yellow, green, etc. of the Mexican oil cloth (which undoubtedly also functions as some sort of metaphor for our nation's contemporary cultural melange/gumbo).

Whoomp! There it is. (I just recently realized that it's "Whoomp", not "Whoop", and I've misquoted it here about a bijillion times. Why didn't you tell me?)


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Great pics

  2. Anonymous1:35 AM

    The top picture with the shadows of the chair tops is simply great.

  3. Don't forget about "Whoot! There it is."

  4. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Thank Slimbolala for let a comment ;) and I really appreciate your vision. Right with you too, the cake is really good in the second version. I apologize for my ... "terrific" english.