Sunday, July 18, 2010

Name/Deal? V-Neck Sweater Edition

Time for another round of Name/Deal? What's his name? What's his deal? I'll go first:
His name is Taylor Swift, he's a professor of Progressive Jazz Studies at Berklee College of Music, and his life was reasonably fine until 2007 when that other Taylor Swift came to prominence. He's remarkably humorless on the subject, responding with harsh rebukes to anyone who ventures a joke. He now makes all his purchases with cash or online, unable to abide the smirks of pimply cashiers when he presents his credit card.
Your turn. What's his name/deal?


  1. Sprocky Ursulino: golf course enterpreneur, condomania tycoon, rabid hunter and deep sea fisherman, chess afficionado, likes magically realistic literature, lego freak, leans toward mainstream jazz of the Bluenote years, birder.
    He was born an orphan, found on the doorstep of a Lower East Side tenement during the 70's, i.e. wild wild east. He grew up on the streets where there was a line around the block for people waiting to cop heroin. Today the same building goes for $2 million. He has been around the mulberry bush a few times and knows that nothing is what it seems. He has dabbled with the b-flat clarinet and alto sax, but he knows that the chalumeau of the clarinet is the toughest to master. He was a bachelor and claimed that marriage would be a routine that interrupted his life.

  2. Anonymous4:37 PM

    His namer is Lindsay and he is a blogger with the main feature called "Poetry Thursday"!