Friday, July 09, 2010

Poetry Friday: It's Not Exactly Fun to Do

Poetry Friday is here at last! Rounds One and Two were such a blast, but the past is gone, we're on Round Three. We need a theme. What will it be? Bricks or bats? Or ticks or tats? Tocks or brats? Clocks or gnats? Knees or toes? Fleas or hoes? Shoes or hats? Socks or spats? I can't decide, it's such a quandary! Eh... I'll write a poem about laundry:
It's not exactly fun to do,
But laundry must be done.
The heaping mass of well-matched socks
Has dwindled down to one,
That stripey one with the hole in the toe
Whose partner's long since parted.
My feet protest, "That's no way to be dressed.
Let's get this laundry started!"
Your turn.


  1. Francine7:30 AM

    Vivienne (age 4 51/52) composed her first poem this week.

    Rosebush Rosebush
    Where are you?
    Sitting in the plants
    Where are you?
    I want to give some of your roses to my mother
    Because I love her a lot
    SO I want to give her sweets and popcorn
    Because she loves it
    Ad I want to give her some jewelry too
    And I love roses too
    So please
    Give me
    Some roses

  2. Anonymous7:50 PM

    what a precocious child! Beautiful:-)

  3. Washateria,
    How many soiled garments have passed through your doors,
    Only to exit April fresh?

    The stories your dryers have swirled in their guts,
    Don't give them indigestion.
    Your powders work magic.
    Your powers are a boon to this city.

  4. My, that Viv is sumthin' else. Excellent poems all around.