Friday, July 30, 2010

Poetry Friday: Primed and Ready

I made
Up a new
Poetic form in
Which each line contains a prime
of syllables, proceeding from least
To greatest, in sequence: a bit haiku-like, only
Much geekier and sillier and harder. After the ‘teens it starts
To get ridiculous. And don’t even talk to me about when we get to
Fifteen million, four hundred and eighty-seven thousand, two hundred and seventy-one.*

* I assume here that "million" is pronounced with three syllables, "mill-ee-yun", as opposed to the two syllable variation, "mill-yun". (Also, depending on various techno-whatevseries of your browser, this last line may break funny, sullying the pristine mathematical structure of the form. O bla di.)


  1. Marco8:01 AM

    This is going to drive Joe and me geeky crazy!

  2. Marco8:07 AM

    Oops forgot. And yes, you are right. In Explorer the line breaks ruin the pristine mathematical genius while Firefox maintains the prime genius of lines that reflect in their length the cumulative syllabic structure of the conceptual construct.

  3. I love
    prime numbers.
    I even have this
    O.C.D. habit by which
    I eat Oreos or any kind
    of individually wrapped candy in
    prime-number quantities. Stop at 4? No. Have one more.
    Seventeen, it goes without saying, is truly inadvisable.

  4. Anonymous12:55 AM

    One time
    Two of us
    Three-time losers won
    Seven gold coins seeking for the
    Eleventh Heaven in order to avoid the
    Thirteenth which is unlucky, as everyone knows/

  5. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Watch me
    As I cheat:
    When in the course
    Of human events it
    Becomes necessary for
    etc., etc. :-)

  6. Anonymous1:35 AM

    To be or
    Not to be that is
    The question, Whether tis a
    Host of golden daffodils or
    A live oak I saw in Louisiana growing.
    Shall I eat a peach with a hey and a no and a
    hey nonny no?

  7. Anonymous1:46 AM

    So I can't
    Count to eleven.
    (This is getting addictive!)