Friday, July 16, 2010

Poetry Friday: Thick and Dumb... erous

Some days the brain is frothy,
But other days it’s slumberous.
Some days it’s smart and lively.
Some days it’s thick and dumb... erous.

I’m partial to the former,
But this ain’t one of those,
And even though it’s Friday,
I ought to stick to prose.
Your turn. Whatchya got?


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Leak on, leak on, O deep Gulf well.
    And you, British Petroleum, you go to Hell.

    Now tell me, Slimbo,
    Tell the truth:
    Doesn't this silly poem hurt
    Like a kind of sore tooth?-

    Come on, be brave, you other guys,
    Share examples of your own sad tries.

  2. Some days, I got nuttin', honey.
    Some days, I got sumptin' but it's rarely money.

    I wish I could come up with sumptin' good on Fridays.
    I'll have to plan ahead.
    I'll have sumptin' better next week,
    Unless, of course, I'm dead.

    See you next Friday!

  3. I'd like to write a Friday poem
    Each Friday, but my mind does roam
    To places where poems are not
    To laundry, coffee, soup and pot
    It languors there in summer heat
    And moulders far from rhymés neat.
    Relying only on my mind
    My muses surely are unkind.