Sunday, August 29, 2010

K + 5

I feel like I'm supposed to have some thoughtful analysis on this day, but truth is, I don't. I haven't thought that much about it, half because I couldn't quite—didn't quite want to—deal with all the hoopla, all the "new New Orleans" thises and thats, and half because life is just too busy going on its way and the whole thing kind of crept up on us. Which I suppose is a sort of assertion about life down here these days: Katrina and its associated ugliness is in the rear-view mirror, dwindling into the story-stuff of history, and that's where we like it. I'm not glossing over all the lingering complications, the unfinished work, but truth is most of those problems weren't created five years ago; they've been with us for decades, centuries. Katrina heightened and jumbled them, exacerbated some, brought about reckonings with others, but all of that has woven into the ongoing warp and weft of life here in this hard-knock city. No storm will break us. No storm will fix us. The important thing is that Sarah's cooked up a big pot of grillades and I'm fixing up a batch of cocktails, and we'll be spending the day with people we love in this city we love. Here, today, that's good enough for me.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Denim" diapers—oh, my lord. (They'll go nicely with Baby's First Halter Top.)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poetry Friday: Alas, Alack

Alas, alack, I'm quite contrite.
To miss Chart Thursday just ain't right.
I almost missed this Friday too,*
But then I'd be in deep deep... You
Know what I'm saying.
I'm just praying
You'll forgive me.
A busy bee,
That's me,
'Cause you see,
We're making a C-
D, an album, yessir,
A record, as it were.**
And such things take time,
Ol' pal o' mine,
But I'll make amends,
'Cause we're all friends:
Come out tonight,
And we'll rock it right.

* All my poems seem to be about writing poems (or about not writing poems). So so Po-Mo.

** Coming your way in mere weeks. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Les Brusiers’ Maybe-Nearly-Almost-Last Gig, Fri. Aug. 27, AllWays Lounge

It’s my sad duty to report that in the not too distant future our dear friend and guitarist-of-wonder Jason “Fingers of Flame” Goodman is riding off into the sunset, relocating to the misty temperate climes of the far northwest,* and so our Bruiser Family has an indeterminate but small number of gigs left before time runs out. (That is, of course, until our late-career reunion casino tours.) Luckily, one of those few last gigs is this Friday at the AllWays Lounge from 8 to 10 p.m.! (Early show: our fab-fave specialty.) So stash the kids at grandmas, put on your hootin'-and-hollerin' hat, and come have fun with us while you still can.**

* Continuing his lifelong quest to live in all the places that figure prominently in vampire fiction: Anne Rice, check! Next stop, “Twilight”.

** It’s also Ms. Sarah’s last day at her current job and Mr. Adam’s “Big Banana” Birthday Bash, so things might get a little nutty.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetry Friday: Ooh Lord!

Ooh Lord! It’s hot out there,
Got a poem?* Please share,
But me?
Too lazy.

* On any and all themes: chickens, monkeys, why chickens and monkeys can’t get along, what ever happened to formica? old hipster-punks, wingtips, heat, humidity, oil, water, dazzling cloud formations, boring cloud formations, blue skies, blue moons, country graveyards, the relentless march of time, why it’s hard writing a poem every Friday, why it’s easy writing a poem every Friday, what you had for lunch, what you wish you’d had for lunch, cows, what cows wish they’d had for lunch, what it must be like to have four stomachs, lint, burrs, cobwebs, interwebs, blogs, Turducken, peppermint candy, Bit-O-Honey candy, candy apples, candied oranges…

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chart Thursday: Punky Boppers

It’s Chart Thursday again. (Yay! Third ever!) Let’s have another around of What’s In the Stylistic Intersect? Today’s style-sets:
Stuff worn by très outré punk-types in the 70s and 80s

Stuff worn by pre-teens today*
The chart, if you please:

So what’s in the middle?** Again, a lot:
  • mohawks
  • ratty Chuck Taylors
  • ratty Vans
  • skinny jeans
  • Black Flag t-shirts
  • Ramones t-shirts
  • studded belts
  • bright-bordering-on-garish color schemes
What else?

* These musings are undoubtedly prompted by the recent start of the school year and its onslaught of freshly rocked-out little boppers.

** We could make things really complicated/fun by mixing it up with last weeks Old Man/Hipster Venn: What's worn by both Old-Men-Who-Were-Très-Outré-Punk-Types-in-the-70s-and-80s and also by the Pre-Teen-Hipsters-of-Today?

Stuff from my sketchbook: "Funny how..."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Poetry Friday: Good for the Goose

Here's the game:
  1. Choose a word, whatever word you like. That will be the title of your poem.
  2. Go to Wikipedia, type the word in the search box, hit "Enter", and see what you get.
  3. If you get multiple matches, choose the first.
  4. Choose the first two real sentences from the resulting article.
  5. Copy them into a text editor/word processor.
  6. Line-break the prose into free-verse faux-poetry.*
  7. Capitalize the first letter of each line, poetry-style.
  8. Post the results here in the comments.
Here’s mine:

The word goose
(Plural: geese)
Is the English name
For a considerable number
Of birds,
Belonging to the family
This family also includes
Most of which are larger than
True geese,
And ducks,
Which are smaller
Like rain.
Whatchya got?

* Note: If the sentences you're trying to work with totally suck and are no fun to play with, you are permitted to choose a different word and try again. I tried "monkey" first and got nowhere.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chart Thursday: Old Man/Hipster Venn

Over the years, I’ve had multiple conversations with our dear friend Herr Caswell on the sometimes-difficulty of distinguishing between Old Man-style and Hipster-style. (He suggested a game based on the conundrum, which we’ll have to play sometime soon.) But for today’s Chart Thursday (second ever, yay!), let’s do a little Venn analysis:

If we start enumerating items that fall in that central overlap, we realize it’s big:
  • fedoras
  • guayaberas
  • big clunky glasses
  • slacks, hemmed slightly too short
  • white socks
  • anchor tattoos
  • suspenders (sometimes; it depends on the hipster sub-genre)
  • wife-beater tank-tops
  • cardigans
  • cloth slip-on shoes
What else?*

* So really, the overlap is the easy part. What gets trickier is thinking of things that aren't worn by both. There are some easy hipster-only examples: Mohawks, faux-hawks, all the various nouveau-punkish trends; but what about things worn/used by old men that haven't been co-opted by hipsters (besides genuinely geriatric-specific stuff: walkers, etc.)? I was thinking orthopedic shoes, but big ugly clunky shoes have been a hipster staple for years. Really, I’m having a hard time coming up with anything.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stuff From My Sketchbook: “What Color Is Your Fedora?”

I think we’ve had enough of the snap-click-pics for a while. How about some of the doodle-draw variety? From the sketchbook:

“What color is your Fedora? A Hipster’s Career Guide”. As a hipster, you have a bewildering range of career choices to choose from:
  • Barista
  • Band manager
  • Band member
  • Blogger
  • Clothing store clerk
  • Graphic designer
  • Music store clerk
  • Unemployed couch surfer
  • Waitperson
  • Web site designer
This is the book for you. What color is your fedora?*

* Am I missing any key hipster-jobs?

Monday, August 09, 2010

End of the (Country) Road

Whew! Our seemingly endless photo series has finally come to an end. When I say I’m planning to post a “ridiculously large number” of photos, apparently I mean it. And apparently I managed to break Blogger in the process, exceeding some sort of maximum-number-of-posts-per-unit-of-time ratio, which has rendered the first half of the series (and all earlier August posts) inaccessible. Too high, Icarus, too high! I’ll do some sort of lump-‘em-together correction to the problem,* but for the moment, I’ll just say it again: Whew!

* Which probably would have been kinder in the first place to bloggy-reader users, whose feeds have been jammed full of vivid green fauna for the past three days.

Sunset, Tchoupitoulas St.


Back in New Orleans, sunset, Tchoupitoulas St.

The girls, making "soup"

Gabe, catching walnuts

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Tomatoes by electric fence


Pine trees

Fence and field

Rake, up close


What do you call this thing? I'm not really sure, but it's the thing that lines the hay up in rows to be baled. Let's call it a rake.


Baler and field

Round bales


Tractor and field

Curving road and black dog




Various flora

Jeter Lloyd Holmes (the Lloyd of "Mr. Lloyd's old place)

Peyton Diamond Smith


Four wreathes

Large wreath

Henry Edward Mayo

"Lonnie" Alonzie Smith, gone fishing

Heart grave with yellow flowers

Ernest Smith

Country cemetery

Old screen door

Old chair and couch

Cat food cans

Mr. Lloyd's old place

This guy is the other.

Two dogs joined me on my walk. This guy is one of them.

Aunt Lily's old place, close up

Aunt Lily's old place, medium distance

Tent web

Poke berries

Stone wall

Aunt Lily's old place (no actual relation)