Monday, August 09, 2010

End of the (Country) Road

Whew! Our seemingly endless photo series has finally come to an end. When I say I’m planning to post a “ridiculously large number” of photos, apparently I mean it. And apparently I managed to break Blogger in the process, exceeding some sort of maximum-number-of-posts-per-unit-of-time ratio, which has rendered the first half of the series (and all earlier August posts) inaccessible. Too high, Icarus, too high! I’ll do some sort of lump-‘em-together correction to the problem,* but for the moment, I’ll just say it again: Whew!

* Which probably would have been kinder in the first place to bloggy-reader users, whose feeds have been jammed full of vivid green fauna for the past three days.

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  1. pookie9:26 PM

    I enjoyed seeing all your pictures.