Monday, August 23, 2010

Les Brusiers’ Maybe-Nearly-Almost-Last Gig, Fri. Aug. 27, AllWays Lounge

It’s my sad duty to report that in the not too distant future our dear friend and guitarist-of-wonder Jason “Fingers of Flame” Goodman is riding off into the sunset, relocating to the misty temperate climes of the far northwest,* and so our Bruiser Family has an indeterminate but small number of gigs left before time runs out. (That is, of course, until our late-career reunion casino tours.) Luckily, one of those few last gigs is this Friday at the AllWays Lounge from 8 to 10 p.m.! (Early show: our fab-fave specialty.) So stash the kids at grandmas, put on your hootin'-and-hollerin' hat, and come have fun with us while you still can.**

* Continuing his lifelong quest to live in all the places that figure prominently in vampire fiction: Anne Rice, check! Next stop, “Twilight”.

** It’s also Ms. Sarah’s last day at her current job and Mr. Adam’s “Big Banana” Birthday Bash, so things might get a little nutty.


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  2. pookie8:00 PM

    It was supposed to be sad, sad, sad!

  3. Though it does indeed make me a sad, sad dad. (Very Seussian.)

  4. I will be there in spirit. Rock the night away!!