Friday, August 13, 2010

Poetry Friday: Good for the Goose

Here's the game:
  1. Choose a word, whatever word you like. That will be the title of your poem.
  2. Go to Wikipedia, type the word in the search box, hit "Enter", and see what you get.
  3. If you get multiple matches, choose the first.
  4. Choose the first two real sentences from the resulting article.
  5. Copy them into a text editor/word processor.
  6. Line-break the prose into free-verse faux-poetry.*
  7. Capitalize the first letter of each line, poetry-style.
  8. Post the results here in the comments.
Here’s mine:

The word goose
(Plural: geese)
Is the English name
For a considerable number
Of birds,
Belonging to the family
This family also includes
Most of which are larger than
True geese,
And ducks,
Which are smaller
Like rain.
Whatchya got?

* Note: If the sentences you're trying to work with totally suck and are no fun to play with, you are permitted to choose a different word and try again. I tried "monkey" first and got nowhere.


  1. Hurrah!

    tell God
    another sun shines here
    and green-eyed children
    jangle handyside
    the sounds of many rivers
    play that big sky
    way ahead

    Who'd have thought love could kill
    sweet sanity

    tell God
    I'm here

    (original wikilink is:!

    I may have cheated a bit with the rules but all the words used are from the wiki article.

    The band comes from my part of the world, but I had never heard of them before. So I've learned something totally unexpected and obscure, and I've had fun. Thanks!)

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  3. Excellent. Cheating is encouraged.

  4. Schadenfreude

    Schadenfreude is
    Derived from the
    Misfortunes of
    Others. This
    German word
    Is used as a loanword in
    English and some
    Other languages and
    Has been calqued in
    Danish and
    Norwegian as
    Skadefryd and
    Swedish as

  5. Ms. Ferris' eldest sister11:09 PM


    The cucumber is
    A Creeping vine that
    In the ground and grows up
    Or other supporting frames,
    Wrapping around
    Ribbing with
    Thin, spiraling tendrils.

    The plant has
    Large leaves that form
    A canopy over the

  6. Transurethral resection of the prostate,
    Also known as TURP,
    Is a urological

    It is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

    As the name indicates,
    It is performed by visualising the prostate
    Through the urethra
    Removing tissue
    By electrocautery
    Or sharp dissection.

    This is considered
    The most effective
    For BPH.

    I cut some parenthetical stuff (in the ellipsis) but I think it works if you read it slowly with plenty of pregnant pauses the way serious poetry is supposed to be read. Drop your internal voice an octave as you read.

  7. I thought I'd riff off the last comment by Whalehead.

    The Shoebill,
    Balaeniceps rex,
    Also known as Whalehead,
    Is a very large stork-like bird.

    It derives its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill.

    This species
    Was only classified
    In the 19th century when
    Some skins were brought to Europe.

    It was not until years later
    That live specimens
    Reached the scientific community.