Friday, August 06, 2010

Poetry Friday: Kids Are Nice

I dropped off the gals in Virginia this past weekend where they’ll be spending the next week-and-a-half on the farm with the grandparents, soaking up the fresh country air, getting spoiled rotten, and generally having a good wholesome free-range frolic before the school year starts.* So Sarah and I are left to our own devices in the Big Easy. A poem:
Kids are nice,
And two are nice
But when they leave
For a brief reprieve,
We recall,
Though we love them all,
That none
Can be fun
How’s your week going, poetically speaking?

* Kids: wholesome free-range frolic. Grandparents: oodles of grand-kid-time. Parents: a gratifying respite from the daily obligations of child-rearing. Win-win-win.