Monday, August 02, 2010

Stingers "Я" Us

As a young child, I thought, after a bee stung someone, it must go to a store to buy a new stinger. (I had a clear mental picture of what this transaction must look like.) Now the idea seems laughable, but at the time it seemed perfectly reasonable. What exotic misconceptions did you have as a young child?


  1. I thought until I was relatively old that sound traveled upward.

    I had a friend who thought that everyone who went on a honeymoon departed in a hot-air balloon, like Babar.

  2. pookie8:44 PM

    I thought the government was a big stone wall around Washington that told people what to do!

  3. Marco8:07 AM

    I thought that the toothe fairy was gay.

  4. I thought hush puppies were live animals, like shrimp, since they were always served with other seafood. I never wanted to eat them, because I could picture them swimming around in the sea, with their little doggie faces.

  5. Teresa2:23 PM

    If I fell asleep with a boy I'd get pregnant (from "sleeping together").

    Just find out my child thought our car key opened ALL car doors.

  6. Anonymous3:27 AM

    I kind of believed the older kids who said that if a girl kissed her own elbow she would turn into a boy.