Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stuff From My Sketchbook: “What Color Is Your Fedora?”

I think we’ve had enough of the snap-click-pics for a while. How about some of the doodle-draw variety? From the sketchbook:

“What color is your Fedora? A Hipster’s Career Guide”. As a hipster, you have a bewildering range of career choices to choose from:
  • Barista
  • Band manager
  • Band member
  • Blogger
  • Clothing store clerk
  • Graphic designer
  • Music store clerk
  • Unemployed couch surfer
  • Waitperson
  • Web site designer
This is the book for you. What color is your fedora?*

* Am I missing any key hipster-jobs?


  1. How 'bout married to a sugar-mama. Although this often turns out to be temp work.

  2. Teresa1:28 PM

    You forgot documentary film maker.

  3. Ah, yes: I got the music and graphic arts but forgot film. And along the same lines as "married to a sugar-mama", what about trust-funder? (Though that often seems to be accompanied by an additional alternate occupation - such as "film maker". When asked, "What do you do for a living?", no one actually wants to say "I have a trust fund.")

  4. Teresa2:16 PM

    What about working (interning) for a non-profit or writing short stories. I got a million if you're looking for a co-author on this project... Go easy on the trust funders though. You want them to buy the book.

  5. Yes, yes, we LOVE the trust-funders!