Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bruisers-New-Orleans CD Release Party, Saturday 10 p.m., Circle Bar!

Hey, whatchya doing Saturday? Not sure? Let me help you out. You're going to the release party/show for our brand spanking new CD!* Whooooooh! (Really, we're very excited.) We think it's a hellacious fine album, and we hope you'll agree—a dozen ace original songs, recorded live at Studio in the Country in Bogalusa, LA on a balmy summer Sunday back in 2008**—live, no overdubs, no slicing or splicing, certified autotune-free, now brought to you in all its rough-hewn glory. And it's also adorably packaged in our very special hand-crafted artisanal micro-pressing:***

front back innards

Ain't that cute? Look at that little red wax "B"-seal on the back.

And because we're so goddamned excited, we'll be honoring its release with a full bore scorch-the-earth,-raise-the-dead,-and-leave-'em-begging-for-more all-out late-night Circle Bar jamboree, starting at 10 (which you can interpret as something more like 11) and going until our limbs fall off. And just when you are in fact begging for more, we'll conveniently direct you to merchandise table (or "merch" table to you rock-cognoscenti), where conveniently, for a mere $10, you can have more, all the Bruisers-New-Orleans you want, any time you want, in compact digital format, for enjoyment on your home, automotive, or personal hi-fi entertainment system.

See you there. Whoooooooooooh! (Really, we're very excited.) Whoooooooooooh!

* Which makes it sound like we had an old CD, which we didn't, because though we did record those songs back at Sun Studios many many moons ago, we flaked out and never did anything with them—other than half-assedly leak them out to handful of folks whereby they became ultra-obscure rare grooves in near-non-rotation. (All part of our savvy slow-burn multi-decade viral media campaign. Mwah ha ha haaaa!)

** You may be thinking: 2008? What the hell took them so long? Remember, we're the slowest band ever. The real question is how did it happen so fast? (To which the answer is. we suddenly realized, "Oh crap, Jason's leaving! We've got to do something with that album before he goes!")

*** We're the Alice Waters of rambunctious honky-tonk garage rock.


  1. Rock the night away!! Wish I could be there. Save me a CD.

  2. Wow that is exciting. If you have any left over, might you consider selling them from here?

  3. We will definitely be making them available for sale online on the not too distant future, and I'll definitely let you all know about it. (And Mom, CD saved.)