Monday, September 13, 2010

Chart, Er, Monday*

So where were we? Ah yes, charts. And beards. And country music played by people with beards. Because lots of people who play(ed) country music have(/had) beards. And what other stylistic accoutrement is popular in country music circles? Cowboy hats. Which invites an inevitable two-dimensional scatter-plot analysis of who wears what when:**

  • Patsy Cline – never a beard, rarely a cowboy hat
  • Hank Williams, Sr. – never a beard, always a cowboy hat
  • Alabama – always beards (3/4 of them, anyway), never cowboy hats
  • Hank Williams, Jr. – always a beard, always a cowboy hat
  • Willie Nelson – always a beard, sometimes a cowboy hat (ooh, mixing it up!)
  • Roger Miller – rarely a beard,*** never a cowboy hat
Fascinating. Based on our (admittedly very small and arbitrary) sampling, folks seem to cluster towards the corners (or at least around the perimeter): Really-Bearded-and-Cowboy-Hatted, Not-at-All-Bearded-Or-Cowboy-Hatted, Just-Really-Bearded, or Just-Really-Cowboy-Hatted. (I guess they've got their signature looks and they're sticking with them.) But who's in that middle Little-Bit-of-This,-a-Little-Bit-of-That zone?

* Yeah, we're all temporally discombobulated around here.

** Assume we're talking about during the well-known phases of their careers, while performing, etc.; not when they were five or when they're in the shower or whatever.

*** His bearded appearance on the Muppets being the only anomaly I've seen.


  1. Your best chart yet. Totally worth the four-day delay.

  2. Shannon9:55 PM

    Fantastic. I agree, best chart yet.