Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Weird Stuff Seen at Highway Rest Stops: Alabama2

Ooh, another highly erratic series to add to Slim's Series of Highly Erratic Series* – Weird Stuff Seen at Highway Rest Stops:**

Highway rest stop really are fascinating little microcosma, aren't they? full of diverse folks and mysterious treasures. Monday, returning from our Labor Day retreat, having just crossed from Florida into Alabama, we stopped at the little stateline welcome center. And while loitering in the lobby, waiting for the my gaggle of gals to emerge from the restrooms, I saw this:

Yes, that's right: the (mostly) bearded wonders (seriously, what's up with that beardless guy?), kings of 80s country, Alabama the band. In Alabama the state! We all conceptually understand that Alabama the band comes from Alabama the state, but when you're viscerally confronted with it in the form of the above photo at the aforementioned locale, it's like: Whoah, Alabama2! And the glorificent photo was accompanied by this caption:

Wait, let's tally this up: That's a photograph of the band Alabama hanging in the Alabama welcome center in the state of Alabama drawing visitors attention to the "Alabama" Fan Club and Museum which is a monument to the achievements of the band Alabama and is housed in Fort Payne, Alabama. So by my reckoning, that's actually like Alabama6.*** Whoah!

* Ooh, a meta-series! And then I'll do a series of meta-series, which will of course be a meta-meta-series. And then...! (But can there be a Series of all Series? a Universal Series? Ouch! Too much metaphysics; not enough coffee.

** No, not that! They do that at rest stops? Eww!

*** Ooh, six-dimensional Alabama—I'd like to see that chart.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I've been to Fort Payne. There's a sock factory there and lots and lots of sock stores. Sorry to say I did not visit the Alabama the band museum.
    Maybe some day.

  2. Fort Payne must be six hours from the Florida/Alabama border. There is also something touching about the hopeless thought that someone might tour the whole state, top to bottom.

  3. I passed through Fort Payne on my way to New Orleans. This town loves their home town band and they are true to their roots. Yes, Ft. Payne was the Sock Capitol of the World but the Chinese have taken that away. Now they are the Alabama Capital of the World. Show them some love. The museum is awesome and worth a road trip.