Friday, October 22, 2010

Big Easy to Big Apple and Back

Well, what's been happening? I'll tell you. We—Sarah, the gals, and I—went to New York City for a long weekend. Sarah and I lived there for a spell back in the Nineties, but the gals had never been. (Well, Louise went as a lil' baby, but that doesn't quite count.) I'm happy to report their minds were appropriately blown. A rough rundown of (the dizzying) events:

Day 1: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • Up, up, and away.
  • A genuine NYC cab ride (their first) from JFK.
  • Foodie-geek-out at the Madison Square Park food stalls.
  • Gawk at the stunning range of hyper-fancy baby strollers at some kiddie-fest in the park.
  • A subway ride (their first) to Downtown Brooklyn.
  • Purchase discount ticket for "West Side Story".
  • A failed attempt to eat at Patsy Grimaldi's. (The line was down the block.)
  • Ice cream.
  • A vigorous walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (headed upstream against mobs of people dressed in vivid breast-cancer-awareness pink).
  • A walk through China Town.
  • Late lunch at Great NY Noodle Town.
  • Early dinner (all that walking burns a lot of calories): pizza, hot dogs (from a street vendor), and more ice cream.
  • Sleep like the dead.
Day 2: Cultcha
  • A brisk walk from Chelsea to Midtown, passing through Times Square (with its kiddie-mind-blowing glitz).
  • Bagels with our dear friend Tory and her family in their 27th floor apartment (with its kiddie-mind-blowing view).
  • Kids: Spend the afternoon with a genuine New York City babysitter (with a genuine New York City hourly rate), going to see the aforementioned "West Side Story" and traipsing around the theater district.
  • Parents: Spend the afternoon and evening watching "Gatz", the (deservedly) highly acclaimed six-hour, word-for-word theatrical rendition of "The Great Gatsby", in which the aforementioned dear-friend-Tory plays the part of Daisy. (During breaks, we tally the famous people in the audience and gawk at the stunning range of hyper-fancy eyewear.)
  • Parents: Dinner (during the mid-play dinner-break) at Momofuku.
  • Everybody: Sleep like the dead
Day 3: Feet and Ferries
  • A leisurely traipse along the High Line.
  • Pizza.
  • A slog through the West Village, during which the gals begin to unravel (understandably so).
  • An attempt at shopping on lower Broadway, during which the gals kind of lose their marbles (understandably so).
  • A round-trip on the Staten Island Ferry, during which the kids regain their marbles and become giddily—almost violently—happy (at which point, the adults start to lose their marbles).
  • A playground break, during which we listen to genuine New York City parents discuss the complicated logistics of genuine New York City parenting.
  • Chinese for dinner, with a good gaggle of friends.
  • Times Square at night (during which the glitz is even more kiddie-mind-blowing), including a ride on three-story-tall Ferris wheel inside the mega-Toys-'Я'-Us.
  • Sarah spots Patti LaBelle at Mario Batali's Eataly.
  • Sleep like the dead.
Day 4: Oh, God, We're Tired
  • Breakfast from a street cart.
  • Meet with friends in Central Park. The gals traipse across the rocks, marveling at how un-flat everything is. (Parks in New Orleans pretty much stick to two dimensions.)
  • Pack up.
  • Off to the airport (during which the cab-driver discusses the tranquility that can be found by listening to one's own heartbeat).
  • Home again, home again, jiggety-jog. (Yay!)
  • Sleep like the dead.
Whoosh! We're still recovering. (Stay tuned for photos.)


  1. In the reverse we call that a BABE run. Big Apple to Big Easy. I wish you the sleep the sleep of the contented and the wicked.

  2. Teresa2:54 PM

    We took our son to NYC (stayed in Brooklyn) earlier this year & it blew his mind, too. By the time we left he was rockin' the R train t-shirt everywhere ("Queens to Brooklyn") and actually told a crowd of people he was FROM Brooklyn. Let's just say, he embraced it fully. I couldn't be prouder. One weird thing we did with friends? SpaCastle in Flushing. Shockingly kid friendly. Google it.

  3. pookie8:57 PM

    Wow! No grass grew under your feet during that trip!