Friday, November 05, 2010

Bruisers-New-Orleans Has a Website!

Hey, guess what? Chicken butt! Yes, also, Bruisers New Orleans has a website now,* and we think it's kind of awesome for two reasons:
  1. It just is kind of awesome.
  2. It's awesome because it sells our awesome CD.
You should go there. It'll be awesome:
* Actually, we've been having a website for a bit, but it still had some growing up to do. Now it's ready for its big debut: tiara polished, all elegant in its floor-length gown, and ready for a splashy write-up from Nell Nolan. Ooh, isn't it lovely?


  1. Teresa7:48 PM

    Got mine - and one for a friend. Love it!

  2. Is this website still active? I've got someone looking to purchase a C.D.